Full Body Pillow

January 17th, 2012

What is a Full Body Pillow?

A full body pillow is not necessarily only for pregnant women which is the general idea. It can be used by anyone who is looking for a good night’s sleep. Many of you may find yourselves sleeping with a number of pillows. That is not very comfortable if you come to think of it. Full body pillows come in so much variety now that you can find one that can suit your needs.

Not only does a full body pillow provide comfortable sleep to people who are completely normal but they are actually a great way to reduce pain and discomfort in someone who has had an accident or suffers from arthritis or joint problems. Imagine a person who is already suffering and doesn’t get proper sleep. The condition will worsen because sleeping is nature’s way of healing. If the sleep is disturbed the healing will be affected. In this case a simple solution can help. A good full body pillow can be of great help.

Full Body Pillow Uses

Pregnant women have great difficulty sleeping. Pregnancy is a stressful time in a woman’s life. Not only fatigue increases as the pregnancy advances but also sleeping becomes more difficult. The condition aggravates due to backaches and leg aches. Using a full body pillow during pregnancy can be a big help for the expecting mother. Sleeping better can also lower the fatigue levels and thus ensure a healthy outcome.

Most of the work is done on computers now and involves more sitting than ever. This leads to backaches, shoulder and neck aches.  You will also feel that your body is stiff and tired after sitting up the whole day. In that case if you don’t get a good night’s sleep the next day will be even worse. A full body pillow may also help to minimize these aches and ensure a sound sleep.

Choosing a Full Body Pillow

You will find a wide variety in the shapes and size of a full body pillow. This variety may cause you some distress also because a larger variety also means difficulty in choosing the right one. But don’t worry you will know the right pillow as soon as you see it.

Full body pillows are made of foam. Once your pillow is delivered to you make sure that you unpack it immediately because if you leave it in the box for too long it may not retain its original shape. Unpack the pillow and leave it for awhile so that the foam expands to the maximum. Also make sure that you keep the pillow in a well-lit and airy place. This way the particular foam smell will go away and your full body pillow will smell like a regular pillow.

You can always personalize your pillow. Get a pillow cover made out of the fabric you are most comfortable with or the colors you like the most. For many people, their favorite pillow is the most important thing in the world and why shouldn’t it be. Nothing is more important than sleeping properly and if a pillow is giving you that comfort it deserves to be taken care off and being called your best friend.


Body Pillow Cover

December 22nd, 2011

You probably landed on this page to get more information about body pillows and the type of body pillow cover you can put on them. Body pillows are typically large, often shaped like a cylinder, and are often used for decoration. However, many people overlook the fact that they are also the perfect size and shape to be used for sleeping. They can alleviate such problems as sleep apnea, snoring, or even generic neck pain.

Body pillows may have a variety of different internal materials, but hulls in particular are becoming more popular for a variety of reasons.

-They are safe for individuals with allergies

-Dust mites cannot enter the pillow

-They last a long time and are easy to maintain

-They always maintain their characteristic shape

While a body pillow can aid in sleeping, it is not a good idea to leave it bare. Adding a body pillow cover to it can provide many benefits.

Body Pillow Cover General Info

The uses of large body pillows carry across cultural boundaries where they are often therapeutic. For example, in a few Asian countries, pillows are hugged between the knees and arms, thought to be able to alleviate some joint pain. The use of a body pillow in this manner without a body pillow cover may lead to wear and tear on the pillow, reducing its lifespan. Also, if the pillow is not machine washable, when something spills on it, there will be a direct visible effect. On the contrary, had a body pillow cover been applied to it, the cover could simply be washed and reused.

Traditionally, it is also said that men would use the pillows to hug at night when they were lonely and away from their family for long periods of time. Believe it or not, these large body pillows do have some legitimate psychological and medical explanations. They have the ability to calm or soothe many individuals and are believed to help alleviate joint pains. I understand it is hard to believe that a pillow can do all this, but the body pillow works more magic than just this. The body pillow cover which goes over it can be used to provide a personal touch (i.e. a flower-designed cover for girls) or extra comfort (300+ thread count or silk). It also prevents dust and other particles from going onto the actual pillow.

Choosing a Body Pillow and Buying a Body Pillow Cover

Luckily, all these great things about the body pillows are easy to find at an affordable price. Many local retailers carry large body pillows at convenient locations. Therefore, running out to your local store and purchasing one is an easy decision. Prices often vary based of the specific type of material used to create the pillow. The higher the quality of the material used, the pricier the body pillow will be. However, in exchange for a little more money, you are purchasing one of the most comfortable pillows in the world, that is safe for you and your family. As mentioned earlier, the pillows can actually be used as a point of style as well.

If you’re looking for even more style, add a body pillow cover on top of that. Covers sold can immediately change the decor of any room in your house. These covers come in many different designs and start as low as $10.29 (for a cotton navy color one). Some of the designs you might encounter on a body pillow cover include Pink Minky, Zebra Animal Print, Microsuede Black, Madison Scroll Print, Pink and Lime Juliet, Dart Green, Cheetah Animal Print, and so many more! You should really look at your options to find one that fits your style and comfort.

As demand for these pillows increases, manufacturers are ensuring the quality and longevity of their pillows.

It is because of all its wonderful uses that the body bolster pillow has become as popular as it is. Not only is the pillow a point of comfort and relaxation, but it also provides the consumer with a wealth of options regarding style when a body pillow cover is added. Any bed or couch without one is most surely incomplete. Feel free to do your own research on large bolster body pillows and fitting covers, but you will not have to look far to learn that they are indeed becoming more popular.

Body Support Pillow

November 8th, 2011

Most people who have a habit of sleeping on their sides suffer from never ending shoulder and neck joint pains. But most people do not realize the importance of finding a remedy for their problem early on and due to this carelessness they increase the risk of developing swollen joints, rotator cuff injury or even arthritis. Sleeping on the side without an adequate body support pillow is most likely to cause the above-mentioned medical conditions and worsen the present conditions.A body support pillow can have numerous benefits to your health and can really make a difference in the way you sleep.

How Your Shoulder Works

The shoulder like most of your body parts can be easily damaged if exposed to excessive pressure; the tendons and muscle strands might get badly injured. People who may not have the proper body support pillow and sleep on their side, transfer all their weight and pressure to one side of the body due to which the many pressure points in the body get activated and can cause common pains and aches that most side sleepers suffer from.

Advantages of A Side Sleeper Body Support Pillow

For all those people who have a habit of sleeping on their sides, here’s some good news; many manufacturers and companies have come up with a wide variety of side sleeper pillows which are easily available in the market. These pillows have gone through countless tests and have been proven to decrease the discomfort, and pain and aches caused by inadequate body support pillow. The best kind of body support pillow is one that is made from memory foam, which are designed to take the shape of the sleeper hence providing maximum support. The reason behind its effectiveness is its ability to remove all the pressure points to ensure that the sleeper gets the good night sleep he or she wishes for every night.

Other types of body pillows available in the market use different materials, but the memory foam body support pillow has been shown to be the best. People who can afford to spend a little more on their side sleeper pillow can go for a molded one which has a groove where you can place your arm, best for those who sleep on their arm. This type of side sleeper pillow has dual advantage; it removes aches and pains that occur due to body pressure on the arm and prevents the sleeper from contracting arm paralysis caused by the lack of blood sloppy to the arm due to excessive pressure during sleep.This type of body support pillow has numerous other benefits that may be helpful for you to look at so feel free to do more research if you are interested.

The best source of information on the side sleeper pillows is the internet and the home stores near your place. There are tons of different kinds of side sleeper pillows available with various colors, shapes, sizes which are reasonable in the price too. So go out today and buy yourself a side sleeper body pillow to say goodbye to all your sleeping discomforts.

Body Pillow For Pregnant Women

October 21st, 2011

There was this person who suffered from two difficult pregnancies. But the most difficult part was the sleeping problem she faced. She finally resorted to a special body pillow for pregnant women and said goodbye to all her sleeping problem forever.

The Problem

As a result of the body pillow for pregnant women she now sleeps without any sleeping problems and is a great sleeper. She would sleep without any discomfort and wake up fresh the next morning.

When this person conceived for the first time during the first two months of her pregnancy, she slept very well. Her major difficulties began at the start for her second trimester, the time when her baby began to increase in size. She had the habit of sleeping on her back, but as her baby began to grow bigger she just couldn’t find a comfortable sleeping position. All night long she turned and tossed to find a comfortable position to sleep in but the weight of the baby just wouldn’t let her be comfortable.

Hoping to beat her difficulties she asked her mother for help. The advice given to her by her mother was to sleep on one side and use a pillow to support her tummy; her mother had faced the same problem when she was pregnant with her.

She tried doing the same but found difficult to keep the pillows fixed in one place. Since she was a back sleeping person, she found it really hard to sleep on her side; she would always wake up to find herself sleeping on her back.

Body Pillow for Pregnant Women

After doing some Internet research she found out that sleeping on a side actually helps in better blood circulation and prevents the weight of the baby falling viral organs. Also, in her research she found that there is a body pillow for pregnant women available in the market which is specifically designed to help pregnant women sleep on their side and at the same time provide support to their growing tummies.

There are many cases where body pillow for pregnant women have solved sleeping problems of pregnant women. With a body pillow for pregnant women the pleasure of a full body maternity pillow was felt right away; she could fall asleep easily without any tossing or turning at all during the night.

A body pillow for pregnant women is definitely the most recommended by doctors and pregnant ladies who have used it. This body pillow is the best in its kind; it helps to sleep in the position which is best for both you and your baby and at the same time comfortable.